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Trading Temporal for Eternal: The Close of 2019

The year 2020 is hours away and 2019 will be discarded like an old coupon or a toy after the holidays and forgotten. It was the year of change and 2020 brings new explosive ideas to the forefront, especially in the Middle East. Most of the audience will probably be awaiting fireworks and opening champagne, eager to celebrate. They'll be making New Years resolutions and counting down the hours. However, time is not on our side. It's only a segment in our existence. Let us instead trade temporal for eternal at the close of 2019 and onward.

2019 In Summary: the Highlights

  • Japan's emperor abdicated

  • UK prime minister resigned

  • Protestors gathered in Hong Kong to show opposition to extraditions to China

  • A fire ravaged the Cathedral of Notre Dame, enveloping the 850-year-old staging ovation

  • The Vatican passed a new law that undermines God's account of the reason for Sodom's destruction

  • A gunman killed 51 people in a mosque in New Zealand

  • China landed on the dark side of the moon (no pun intended, Three Doors Down or Pink Floyd)

  • Facebook paid $5 billion to settle allegations by the Federal Trade Commission

  • Unrest in the Middle East rose

  • Wild fires destroyed a majority of Brazil's amazon

  • Isis beheads several Christians, and sets fire to journalists

  • France, China, Brazil, Africa, and many more countries showcase spiritual revival

A New End and a New Beginning

As this year closes, let's not trade the temporal for eternal with bottles of champagne for short-lived victories and throw caution to the wind. Look to the horizon because change is coming and faster than anticipated. God warns us that "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21, NASB). The birth pains of the world are on display. The tidal shift of change is prowling at the door. Contrary to this, there is an alternative to being engulfed in the world's events. You can turn from sin and accept Jesus Christ.

Jesus stated that "for whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it." (Luke 9:24, NASB)

Instead of the burning of an old era, you can experience the dawn of a new beginning eternally. You can begin trading temporal for eternal. Those who are teetering on the edge of a conversion decision, note the story of Antonius Felix in Acts 24. He also teetered on the edge of an eternal decision of salvation. God brought destruction to the Roman empire after Pontius Pilate handed Jesus over to the Jews to be crucified. Jesus was to be crucified to atone for sin; however, God still has to judge sin due to His perfect nature. In much the same way, you have a decision to make reader. Let this not be the start of your forever away from Christ.

Resources for the Weary: Spiritual Trading Temporal for Eternal

John MacArthur preaches on the encounter with Felix and Paul here

For those that are hurting, there is good news.

More resources can be found at It is an evangelic outreach program that helps break strongholds of addictions like pornography and drinking. The team witnesses to the lost and hurting.

Don't pass up the opportunity to reign with Christ in eternity for the temporal treasures of this world. This world will end, and New Years resolutions with it.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or ask questions. There is an area below this post for comments/questions and through the contact page on the home page.

Take heed in the New Year and God bless.

For focus on the splendor of God's glory over temporal victories see The Splendor of His Glory: Eternal Life post.

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