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Giving A Voice To The Voiceless

Holding Hands

// Get Involved

Our company currently works with local nonprofits and police units to recognize signs of human trafficking, report them, and advocate for victims.  All donations go toward  apologetic resources to share the gospel, victim advocacy and creating products that help others. Your support allows us to continue business. Thank you for joining in the fight for freedom.


// A Quick Note

Thank you to our generous donors who have contributed to our cause this far! Our discipleship book is now live on Amazon and Reedsy Discovery! To upvote, review, or comment on our book on Reedsy, visit our profile.

Young Volunteers
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// Ways You Can Donate

By Mail:

12110 Business Boulevard

Suite 6 Eagle River AK 99577


**Money Order or Check. No cash


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Historic Church

// Our Beliefs:

Sola Scriptura | In Scripture Alone

We believe in the infallibility of the Bible and through scripture alone does God reveal Himself.

Sola Fide | In Faith Alone

We believe that through faith alone one is justified in Christ, renewed and made a new creation. It is a personal choice, evidence of the Holy Spirit's sanctification.

Sola Gratia | In Grace Alone

We believe in the teachings in Romans that through grace alone we are able to be reconciled to God, not on our own works, but by the atonement on the cross (Romans 3:10–12; 5:6; Ephesians. 2:1).

Sola Christus | In Christ Alone

We Believe in one God, co-existent, co-eternal and holy in three persons. We believe Christ is the mediator for the sinner.

Sola Deo Gloria | Glory To God Alone

We believe in God sending His son, Jesus, in flesh (100% man and 100% God) to fulfill His wrath upon humanity and establish a mended covenant with God.

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