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The Myth Complex Part 2: Investigating Types of Myths and Examples Involving the Bible

You've read part one several months ago about five truths and lies about the Christian faith. Part 2 has arrived after much observation in the secular circle. As the Coronavirus still continues to spread and more people are evaluating their lives, there is an opportunity to hush lies about the Christian faith by investigating types of myths and examples involving the Bible. Even though the virus is God's judgment on a fallen world, He has also permitted an open door to spread the news of salvation and what better time as now? This post will continue where part one left off a few months ago and expound about more myths and truths of the Christian faith.

Types of Myths and Examples Involving the Bible

Myth 1/Question 1: How Can a God Who is Supposed to be Loving Allow so Much Corruption in Today's Society?

The truth: this question (and lie, since it is usually asked with masked intent to try to discredit the faith much like the encounter Jesus faced with the lawyer in Matthew 22:35-46 and Luke 10:25-37) is the product of blame and misguided beliefs. This question and lie also reveals the nature of the heart and how casting blame on God somehow relieves us of the burden of guilt that was caused by the first humans, Adam and Eve, allowing sin into the world by disobeying God as part of a conscious decision. It expresses the following:

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  1. This question and lie show that even more than 4,000 years later, humans are still casting blame on someone other than themselves to refuse to accept sin. Read more of the fall of mankind in Genesis 3.

  2. Suggesting God is without mercy is the same as suggesting He is without perfect judgment. For more on how God reveals Himself and how God judges, please see the below study from my church entitled "Psalm 19 and Assorted Scripture on How God Reveals Himself."

Community Bible Church offers a program called Search the Scriptures that details studies of common questions in-depth of the Bible. The study of Christian Apologetics is found here at Back to the Basics.

Myth 2: Christians Often Have Contradictory Actions so This Cancels the Message of the Gospel

The truth: just because someone states that they're a Christian, doesn't mean that they are. It's the same as someone who goes to church every Sunday or just on holidays and sticks to good deeds and professes to be a Christian with no outward characteristics of being converted. One can tell a true Christian by evidence of conversion. Their life, even though marked by sin, will show triumph over sin through a continual walk and sanctification with Christ. Christians make mistakes just like everyone else. To understand this myth, one needs to understand what hypocrisy truly is. Contradictory actions don't cancel the message nor the weight of the Gospel considering humans were not crucified as an eternal spiritual atonement for sin or resurrected in a perfect body, but Jesus was. Below are two outlines from my church that answer this approach to the Bible.

Myth 3: You Can Believe in Evolution and the Bible

The truth: Evolution and the Bible do not pair. At all. One cannot serve two masters and therefore one will either believe the complete infallible nature of the Bible or the fallible unproven theory of Evolution. They do not intermingle with each other. With the rise of cults such as Christian Science, Mormonism, and Jehovah's Witness, it's no surprise that the headline statement has made it into most churches today.

The Institute for Creation Research takes a scientific approach to the evidence for creation (and yes, science does prove the Bible. It doesn't prove evolution) and why it has been proven throughout history and how evolution has not in their article entitled "Evolution is Religion, Not Science." Answers in Genesis also has conducted a thorough study of creation with supporting evidence. See supporting documentation at their articles and sub-articles at Creation vs. Evolution. Below is an outline from my church on scriptural evidence proving that God does not endorse evolution.

Below are videos by Creation Astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle on the burden of proof for creation.

Closing Thoughts

The human mind in today's world is dramatically impaired with views such as Darwinism and evolution being taught in schools. Intellectual freedom is not sought after and is only experienced knowing Christ. This article's purpose is to remove the veil and teach what is purposely hidden by today's society.

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