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9/11 Tribute: The Cost of Freedom and Perseverance

Updated: Apr 7

This post comes a few days late, but I think it's important that this post still is published. Remembering history keeps it from being repeated. 19 years ago, before September 11, the world continued its everyday routine. The twin towers stood tall, the Pentagon wasn't attacked. Airlines weren't gateways to inflict mass murder. The Twin Towers and the Pentagon overlooked New York in their vast assembly of human infrastructure. They were a visual reminder of the grit of American life. To our enemies, they were an opportunity to promote an agenda of terrorism that took the world by storm. 19 years later, Ground Zero stands in the place of the twin towers, silently holding a place in time where over 2,000 people (including over 100 British citizens, firefighters, and police) lost their lives, their names the essence of the price of freedom. 2001 sparked the start of the War on Terrorism, leading the way into the ongoing pursuit of freedom and the punishment for unspeakable crimes. Let us not forget our history or the cost of freedom.

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The Cost of Freedom

Freedom is never free. We've all heard that famous line several times in life. Over time, it can lose its value if we aren't careful as we get caught up in routine. The very essence of freedom never comes without sacrifice, etching reminders into the conscious of the sad toll sin plays. Below is a documentary of the reminder of 9/11, taken from the real life accounts of family members who tragically lost their loved ones that day. September 11 is a haunting reminder that human depravity knows no limits. Yet, even in the wake of evil there is hope.

9/11 Tribute: A New Awakening

When tragedy strikes, real strength is ignited. Tragedy is a reminder of the fallen state of this world and the impact of sin. But there is hope.

Closing Thoughts

Even though a memorial stand in the place of the twin towers and the Pentagon has since been repaired, those that lost their lives are still gone. Let this 9/11 tribute be a reminder of the gravity of sin. We live in a world that promises simple satisfaction without a glimpse of tragedy, yet the mind has to live with the aftermath of choices. 4,000 years ago, Jesus died in our place and rose again on the third day to make a pathway back to God and create a spiritual atonement for sin. His sacrifice was for all of mankind, not just the victims of 9/11.

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