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Introducing the "Daniel 4:35 Long-Sleeve T-shirt" - a powerful garment that echoes the words of King Nebuchadnezzar's proclamation in the book of Daniel, chapter 4, verse 35. Crafted with care and designed to inspire, this long-sleeve t-shirt encapsulates a message of awe and recognition of the sovereignty of the Almighty.


This t-shirt isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a statement of faith, a tangible reminder that all the inhabitants of the earth are counted as nothing before the Creator. The scriptural verse on this shirt serves as a beacon of humility and reverence, encouraging deep contemplation and a sense of wonder.


Made from high-quality materials, the "Daniel 4:35 Long-Sleeve T-shirt" offers both comfort and style. As you wear it, you carry with you the message that God's dominion is an eternal one, and no human achievement can surpass His greatness.


Join Blissful Faith Incorporated in celebrating the scripture, "Daniel 4:35," and its reverent sentiment. Embrace the opportunity to wear this proclamation of God's sovereignty, letting it be a conversation starter that invites discussions about faith, humility, and awe.


Wear with pride, share with love, and let this impactful long-sleeve t-shirt inspire you and those around you to recognize the magnificence of God's dominion. Stand tall, embrace the message, and let the "Daniel 4:35 Long-Sleeve T-shirt" serve as a visual testament to the awe-inspiring power of the Creator in your life and the lives of others.

Premium Daniel 4:35 Long Sleeved Shirt

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  • The Premium Long Sleeve Tee is a standard fit shirt. Made from combed and ring spun fabric, this lightweight tee has a super soft feel. Solid colors are usually made with 100% cotton, Heather colors are usually 52/48 cotton/polyester, and Slub colors are 50/37.5/12.5 polyester/cotton/rayon.

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