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Helping Survivors and Bridging the Gap for Law Enforcement

Recovery Bookbags

We recognize the importance of tangible support. That's why we're creating sexual assault or trafficking recovery bookbags filled with essential items and toiletries to aid survivors in their recovery journey. Each bag represents a step towards healing, comfort, and resilience.


Our vision is to provide tangible support to survivors of trauma, such as trafficking, through book bags filled with essential items. We aim to bridge the gap between survivors and support services for law enforcement, ensuring that survivors receive the care and resources they need to heal and thrive. Our goal is to empower survivors and help them reclaim their lives.

Image by Clay Banks
Image by Clay Banks


Our mission is to provide support to survivors of trauma through our Recovery Book Bags program. These bags are filled with essential items such as toiletries and seasonal clothing to help survivors feel more comfortable during their recovery process. In addition, we aim to aid law enforcement by providing them with these bags to distribute to survivors they encounter. 

Image by Alex Otto

Get Involved

You can get involved by helping put support bags together, funding support bags, or donating items (i.e., gently used or new book bags in solid colors, new toiletry items) for men, women, and children. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of survivors and help them on their journey towards healing.


Our company currently works with local nonprofits and police units to recognize signs of human trafficking, report them, and advocate for victims.  All donations go toward  apologetic resources to share the gospel, victim advocacy and creating products that help others. Your support allows us to continue business. Thank you for joining in the fight for freedom.

Image by Chris Knight
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