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The Weight of Private Investigations into Human Trafficking

PI News Update

Anchorage Police Department

A Lebanese national known as Nicola Williams Mongo, 23, of Anchorage, AK, was sentenced to thirteen years of prison today for sex trafficking of minors.

Mongo was indicted in June 2020 to at least two accounts of human sex trafficking of minors aged 14-17.

In 2019, Mongo and his two named affiliates of Tristan Grant and Davon Smith targeted minors aged 14 to 17 who were without housing or other support in Alaska and required them to go on forced dates where sex acts were committed for money. The victims were also forced to advertise online for escort services while Mongo and his affiliates collected a portion of the income as they provided protection and transportation to arranged "dates". While on these arranged meetings, the victims were provided condoms and lubricant. If the victims refused to perform the sex acts, they were severely beaten. Mongo was reported as being armed during transportation of the minors.

The Weight of Private Investigating and Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Private investigating is a field of expertise that is used by law firms, insurance agencies, debt collection agencies, NGO's, and law enforcement alike. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for private investigators was highly favorable, growing at a rate of 13% in 2020. PI's also held 33,700 jobs with large-scale employers in investigations, guard, and armored car services industries.

Why do these numbers matter for Blissful Faith? Having a need means holding legitimacy. As seen by the story above with the Lebanese national, fighting the human trafficking business requires an informative community-supported approach. This business is among the hardest to investigate, with a decent amount of federal red tape. Red tape that police and federal agents can't cut through, however, private investigators can and they help deliver justice for victims.

The weight of private investigating and giving a voice to the voiceless isn't limited to a state such as Alaska or the U.S. This problem is worldwide with the U.S. being a port of business. Our mission at Blissful Faith is to be the eyes and ears of the population, bring criminals to justice, free the captive, and speak up for the vulnerable. Our line of work of spreading the gospel while seeking out those who diligently work at muting and exploiting the vulnerable is crucial and can't be done without support.

Learn more about how you can support our efforts at bringing justice for victims and spreading the gospel at

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