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Mother's Day: God's Calling for Mothers and Motherhood

Happy Mother's Day to moms of all age. God has blessed you with the gift of children and called you to disciple them, entrusting them in your care. The term womanhood has been illustrated on a downward spiral since the fall of mankind and has severely lost its biblical application in today's society.

For those who did not have a sermon to listen to today on Mother's Day, stay tuned on the Community Bible Church page at as they will upload the sermon "God's Calling for Mothers" in a few days. For now, Matt Chandler’s sermon “Woman’s Purpose” has been used for this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day: God's Calling for Mothers

Biblical womanhood has become lost in the outreach of today's world. Though not a new fact, it is on a continuous downward spiral. God's call to action for mothers is to care for their children, being less concerned about how the rest of society interprets this. In Titus 2:1-6, Paul gives instruction to Timothy to teach what needs to be taught doctrine wise, putting emphasis on the importance of roles in a marriage and equipping the younger generation on true salvation and reverence in behavior. Paul emphasizes the critical importance of men's and woman's ministry when and only when it teaches men and women how to fulfill their roles. See the outline below entitled "God's Calling for Mothers." It is available for purchase through the merchandise store.

Woman's Purpose

Matt Chandler's Week 7 Sermon entitled "Woman's Purpose" details the biblical foundation of womanhood and the calling God has bestowed on mothers.

Matt Chandler covers Titus 2 and the role of woman in the home. In the introduction, he summarizes biblical manhood as well. When the roles of marriage are understood, the home is balanced.

Closing Thoughts

Sin will always wage war on God's statutes. However, it is the pastor's responsibility to shepherd their flocks and lead them in the way of life, teaching sound doctrine, and creating disciples. When biblical roles are understood, the command of love is easier to understand and walking in obedience with the Lord is fulfilling.

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