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Independence Day 2020 Tribute: Freedom to Chains

Independence Day. Almost every country has one. It is an anniversary, a reminder of liberation from slavery under tyranny. The U.S. was liberated on July 4, 1776---243 years ago. Starting as just 13 colonies off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, America was founded on principles with the intention to keep the government regulated to avoid too much control in any given area. This led to the establishment of the three branches of the capitalist government: judicial, executive, and legislative. However, instead of this year feeling like a celebration to mark the 243rd year of liberation from tyranny, this year of 2020 has felt as if America has lapsed back to before it was liberated. This Independence Day 2020 tribute reflects on freedom's virtues.

Freedom to Chains: Independence Day 2020 Tribute

The headlines of riots litter every major news headline. The establishment of Chaz threatens peace and leaders continue to shy away from their mandate to uphold order. Whole cities have been burning from "social justice." Social ideologies from the Liberal agenda have been forced through mainstream outlets. Companies have been forced to foreclose due to personal choice being stripped as quarantine increased. It doesn't stop at the U.S. borders. Protests have been ignited in London and other parts of the UK. Marxism behind the BLM movement spread like wildfire. After seeing these events play out across an explosive year, one is left to wonder: is this freedom? Is this the beginning of the demise of a country that was founded to preserve personal freedom? The true face of human depravity has revealed itself and the masked intent of sin has shown its true ugly colors.

How far we have strayed from God. He has been completely removed from schools, from curriculums, from businesses, and finally from the government. A nation that once stood apart from the world and was blessed for upholding its commitment to God has now turned completely from Him, parading its pornographic and hateful society with loud banners and riots. Oh how greatly freedom has been forgotten. On this anniversary, let us not forget the sacrifices and the true reason for the hope that comes from the one true God.

The True Face of Human Depravity

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