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How to Know God's Will For Your Life

Updated: Apr 7

The greatest desire for the Christian is to fulfill the calling that God has uniquely designed for them to fulfill. Finding what that calling is could take several years of prayer after being converted and following God's direction (as it was for me) or it could be revealed quickly. However, there are several who are not believers who are wondering what their calling is and if they even have one. With the Coronavirus, this particular predicament has struck the world with full force as a wake-up call that time is limited on this earth. This article will display John MacArthur's podcast entitled "Knowing God's Will."

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How To Know God's Will For Your Life to Find Your Purpose in Life

Above is the podcast link for his sermon in the series entitled "A Course For Life".

God's Joy in His Children Seeking His Will

In John MacArthur's sermon, "God's Greatest Joy in Redemption," he covers Luke 15:11-32. Below is the sermon link for the audio portion. Understanding how to Know God's will for your life will help alleviate core identity issues.

Have a great weekend and know that God has a purpose for everyone.

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