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False Worship Songs: Unmasking the Christian Music Scene


Music has always been a form of worship. From the beginning with Adam and Eve into David's time and ongoing today, music is by large still used as a form of worship to God. However, the music today has lost its focus on God and put more emphasis on the self: how many records can be sold at the expense of losing faith. The "Christian" music scene has become nothing more than a front for an invasion of the world and the false worship songs conceal false conversion. For example, Frontman to Hawk Nelson goes public with his new religion: atheism, which is nothing more than an organized denial of God in spite of mass evidence. There will be those reading this that are die-hard fans of many mass-produced artists, but I advise you to look on objectively and put emotions aside and look at the truth behind the curtains. I'm not talking about looking on the surface. I urge you to be discerning and look beyond the performances.

Beyond the Curtain

Humans have always had performances. Plays, musicals, dances, movies, concerts. But what is more concerning and a highlight for our need of salvation is that since the fall of mankind in Genesis, we have always had the performance of masquerading the heart's true intent and hiding sin. Some of this is masked today as Christian music, authors, speakers, and teachers when they are nothing more than false worship songs. To some, this might sound like a cold observation, but if one is to be discerning, one has to realize that showing love to your neighbor comes at the expense of exhorting wrong. Below is an article from Ray Comfort, CEO of Living Waters, on the story of Ron Steingard (lead singer to Hawk Nelson) and his stepping away from the Christian faith.

"They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so that it would be shown that they all are not of us" (1 John 2:19, NASB).

God states that He will separate the wheat from the tares, the true converts from the false converts, and warns that in the end times there will be a rise in apostasy. We should be ever careful, discerning, and loving in the wake of everything that is happening from the Coronavirus pandemic to the rising apostasy seen in churches and music. The world needs the Gospel desperately and the only way to spread the Gospel is to rely on God to open doors.

Below is a video outlining flaws in the Christian music scene.

"New Age Christianity Infiltrating the Church" by Shaking My Head Productions

Ministry VS Conformity

When there is a lack of spiritual growth, there is a cause of concern. God says that whether unbelievers or His followers, they will be known by their fruit. What if that fruit is masqueraded as living fruit when it is indeed dying? This is the cause of concern today just as much as it has been during Adam and Eve's time. Humans have always wanted to put themselves on God's level, making life about themselves. For example, Nimrod organized the Babylonians to build a temple to reach the heavens to make themselves like God. In response, God dispersed them among the earth and caused a split in language. So the question needs to be asked: to what extent is it ministry vs conformity?

Closing Thoughts

New Age "freedom" is really spiritual slavery and perversion than it is freedom. It is leading hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, astray at a rate faster than sound, but on a spiritual level. When we chase flesh, we only gain death but when we repent and turn to God only then can we experience peace, and eternal life aside from death for death has lost its sting in Christ.

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