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Blog Updates

Blog Updates

"Sometimes the things we can't change end up changing us." --Author Unknown



Save for Later Cart Option

A new feature called "save for later" has been added to the cart page for those that are price comparing.

Contact Form and Product FAQ

There are two features that were added to the blog recently: the contact form and product FAQ. On the store and cart pages, there is a contact form that a visitor can fill out if they need to reach support and don't want to utilize the chat or email option. Products that require shipping have had a product FAQ section added to them for convenience.

Currency Converter Added in Sidebar

A new WooCommerce Currency Converter had been added to the sidebar of the blog and is now shown on the cart page so the total in the cart can be shown in any currency around the world.

New Wishlist Feature

A wishlist feature has been created under the "add to cart" button on the Blissful Faith Store. This will allow visitors the option to add items to a wishlist to allow for a future purchase without having to leave it in the cart. Enjoy!

Free shipping

Free shipping is now available across all shipping zones with order totals of $40 and up! Enjoy!

New Product Launches for June 15 and July 15!

There will be two new product launches. The new face masks will arrive on June 15 and the COVID shirt will arrive on July 15. Both are now able to be purchased separately or as a special bundle where you save 33% compared to buying separately. There was an issue with the coding of the site that didn’t allow users to buy due to when they would be arriving, but that has been fixed as well as some pop ups occurring on some photography photos. There are no shipping fees on downloadable products for peace of mind.

New Live Chat Support Feature

A new feature has been added to the blog to assist in answering customer service questions. At the bottom right-hand corner, there is a LiveChat bar that will connect you directly to support to have any questions ranging from general questions about the blog or products to shipping and handling answered. This has been added for your convenience. If chatting outside of hours, feel free to contact us at

Update on Products and Activity Concerning the Unfolding riots

At Blissful Faith, we understand that during these intense and trying times with unfolding riots taking place, shops and livelihood for some people have been completely changed and altered. Products will remain on sale until further notice. Shipping may be delayed to certain areas due to riot violence. Blissful Faith does not endorse violence nor support businesses that condone it or side with it. Some affiliate links have been removed because of this conflict of interest and will not be added again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, however, in light of closely analyzing relationships we want to ensure that any business relationship further promotes Christian values and will not infringe upon the blog's outreach or testimony. Our prayers are with the families and members whose lives have been completely changed in the midst of these riots.

Payment Issues In Store Fixed

There has been some plugin conflict in the store regarding payment and using the credit card option. After speaking with WordPress support, the issue appears to be fixed. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. It was a conflict between two payment gateway plugins. The options appear to be working and are resolved. If any further issues arrive, please let me know so that they can be handled. Thanks again!

Products in the Store Following Coronavirus

Blog now available on Blogger at

Store now available on Google Blogger at

As many of you have read and heard, the Coronavirus is worldwide currently. Shipping has not been reported being an issue, however, that doesn’t mean precautions haven’t been set. Bonfire has replied back to me and they are still operational and fulfilling orders.

BE THE LIGHT SHIRTS ARE AT LIMITED QUANTITY! GRAB YOURS TODAY! There are 17 in stock! The shipping supplies have arrived. UPS and USPS will be the carriers shipping the shirts since I will be selling them. They are still conducting business as well, with no-contact deliveries. The CEOs of both companies, with mention of advice from the CDC, have stated that transmitting the virus by touching shipments is very low. However, cautious behavior will be conducted.

If packages are delayed, please give it at most 14 days before contacting the email mentioned in the terms and condition and privacy policy pages since some areas may be at a higher quarantine level and packages may be slow arriving. Shipment tracking is available thanks to the plug in WooCommerce. If a package hasn’t been received in 30 days maximum, a full refund will be rewarded, per the terms and conditions.


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