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Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links

"Has this world been so kind to you that should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind."

--CS Lewis

Affiliate Links

Answers in Genesis Affiliation

Disclaimer for the links below: I am currently an affiliate with Answers in Genesis and will earn a commission if the links below are clicked–at no extra cost to you. PLEASE NOTE:bidding and explicit material is prohibited on this platform so the links are safe to use.

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The evidence in support of the Bible: The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years

Biblical history: The Bible is real history!

Answers in Genesis Answers Magazine

Answers in Genesis book: The NEW Answers Book 1

Stop by the Answers in Genesis Bookstore and find new products that will answer questions you may be having regarding the Bible.

Further Resources

All Links below do not cost anything to download. Thank you for stopping by the page!

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham: Post-Debate Discussion Video Download

Nye Debates Ken Ham: Post-Debate Discussion Video Download

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham: Post-Debate Discussion Video Download – $0.00

Alpha Defense Company Affiliation

I’m pleased to announce the new partnership with Alpha Defense Company. Below are links that will lead to different products serving veterans, active duty members, law enforcement, and security forces alike. I will earn a small commission if clicked, at no charge to you. Enjoy!

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Outdoor Protective Gear for Service Men + Women

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Bear Arms not Bare Arms. Shop Tactical Arm Sleeves now at Stay protected.

Save 56% on the Equalizer Defense Gear pack at 1 t-shirt, ANY 1 hat, 2 face shields, 2 arm shields plus BONUS Alpha Defense decal. Just $54.99! Build your pack now.

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