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Introducing the "1 John 4:18 T-shirt" - a wearable reminder of the transformative power of perfect love that conquers all fear. Crafted with care and designed to inspire, this t-shirt beautifully features the beloved scripture from the book of 1 John, chapter 4, verse 18.


This isn't just a t-shirt; it's a declaration of faith, an embodiment of the profound truth that there is no fear in love. As you wear this shirt, you carry with you a message of courage and reassurance, inviting conversations that touch the hearts of those around you.


Made with high-quality materials, the "1 John 4:18 T-shirt" offers both comfort and style. It's more than an accessory; it's a statement piece that resonates with the unshakable love God has for us. Each time you put it on, you embrace the power of perfect love that casts out all fear.


Join Blissful Faith Incorporated in celebrating the scripture, "1 John 4:18," and its timeless message. Embrace the opportunity to wear this message of love and courage, letting it be a beacon of hope in a world that often feels uncertain.


Wear with pride, share with love, and let this powerful t-shirt inspire you and those around you to live fearlessly, guided by the love that conquers all. Stand tall, embrace the message, and let the "1 John 4:18 T-shirt" be a constant reminder of the love that casts out fear in your life and the lives of others.

Premium 1 John 4:18 Tee Shirt

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  • Our most popular shirt, the Premium Unisex Tee is a standard fit crewneck t-shirt. Typically made with a 60/40 blend of cotton and poly that is combed and ringspun, it is a lightweight tee with a super soft feel

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