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Introducing the Gospel of Matthew Discipleship Book by Blissful Faith Incorporated - a comprehensive and insightful resource that invites you to delve deep into the teachings of Matthew's Gospel, fostering spiritual growth and understanding. This book is more than just a commentary; it's a transformative journey through the Gospel of Matthew, carefully curated to enrich your faith and nurture your spiritual development.


Dive into the historical context of the Gospel of Matthew as you explore each chapter through the lens of insightful commentary. Gain a deeper understanding of the cultural, social, and historical backdrop in which Jesus' teachings were delivered, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the richness of the Gospel.


Engage with thought-provoking study questions that encourage reflection and self-exploration. These questions guide you on a personal journey of introspection, helping you connect the Gospel's teachings to your own life and experiences.


Discover the power of memory verses that resonate with the core teachings of each chapter. These verses become anchors for your faith journey, serving as touchstones to remind you of the wisdom and guidance found in the Gospel of Matthew.


Uncover psychological insights into spiritual development that enrich your understanding of your own growth as a disciple. These insights offer a unique perspective, blending faith and psychology to illuminate the transformative journey of discipleship.


Participate in enlightening discussion board conversations on spiritual development, enriched by the validation of esteemed professors. Engage in meaningful dialogues that deepen your understanding, broaden your perspective, and foster a sense of community with fellow seekers of truth.


Structured across 28 chapters and 123 segments, this book is designed to facilitate comprehensive analysis, making it easier to navigate and digest the profound teachings of the Gospel of Matthew. Each part signifies a chapter, and the numbered sections delve into specific themes and lessons.


All scripture references in the Gospel of Matthew Discipleship Book are sourced from the New American Standard Version Bible (NASB), ensuring accuracy and consistency with the text.


Join Blissful Faith Incorporated on this transformative journey through the Gospel of Matthew. Let this book be your guide to a deeper connection with the teachings of Christ, a greater understanding of spiritual growth, and a profound experience of discipleship.


Study with purpose, reflect with intention, and let the Gospel of Matthew Discipleship Book be your steadfast companion on the path of spiritual enlightenment. Stand tall, learn with curiosity, and let this insightful book inspire you to become a devoted disciple of Christ.



Psychology of Belief: The Gospel According to Matthew

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  • Format: Softcover

    Dimensions: 8 in by 5 in (8” X 5”) or 20.32 cm by 12.7 cm

    Length: 431 pages

    Ages: Teens-Adults

    Publisher: Blissful Faith Incorporated

    Published: 2022

    Sku: P0164S

    ISBN: 979-8-9854464-0-1

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