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Prayer's Elaborate Context

We have finally arrived at the last segment in the study of prayer. The previous articles (Prayer Defined and Prayer's Foundation) touched on what prayer is, who can pray, why we are to pray, and what should be included in prayer. This article will elaborate on the hindrances to prayer, how one should pray, and on the popular subject of the authenticity of speaking in tongues and whether or not it is biblical in this modern age.

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The Attributes of God: Letter D, Deliverer

There are two meanings on which the word "deliver" hinges in the Old Testament. The first is used in a nontheological sense meaning to "deliver over" and then the second usage describes the nature of people delivered.

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The Danger of Counterfeits

A huge reason for the incline in counterfeit theology is inadequate teaching of who Christ is. On the left, there is loose theology of who Christ is and on the right there is legalistic replacement of the atonement.

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