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Risen King

This Easter has caused many to reflect on not only death but what happens after it. The COVID-19 virus has struck the core of an issue that most turn either shyly or violently away from: the appointment of death and where people will end up after this appointment has been booked. There is hope for life after death through Christ, the risen and eternal king, who conquered death. For believers, death has lost its sting. For the nonbelievers, there is an eery gloom that surrounds this day with a more forthright example being carried out with the Coronavirus. The hour of death is always uncertain, coming like a thief. God states that life is but a vapor. This post will...

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Finding Biblical Purpose: Unmasking the Masquerade

The fundamental principle to knowing who we are lies in knowing who God is first. Jesus is the cornerstone of all creation and so should be for our lives. Most of the jaded conception in the mind of who we are lies in the twisted agenda that has been pushed about Jesus.

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