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Stripping Freedom

What does it mean to strip freedom? In America, freedom is taken for granted. Routine is worshiped. In Washington State, the Liberal agenda has taken precedence. People can't even dine out without giving the govenor and his posse their names and addresses. Los Angeles is also getting on board with this agenda. Not only has the COVID-19 lethal mindset leaked into government and politics, but (that's right) into hospitals as well.

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The Fight to Preserve Freedom: Understanding Sin

With the Lending a Hand campaign underway and gears in motion, it's important to discuss the lifelong companion: sin. It is the infallible misery in every day lives and the one thing that keeps the focus off of the self and onto God. There is an option that is faced daily: be a slave to righteousness or sin.

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The Price of Freedom

there are families selling family members to the trafficking underworld to have stable money to get by on,  exploitation of boys, girls, men, and women is on the rise, and hundreds of thousands of lives are being ended or scarred due to this sinful act of bondage. Blissful Faith seeks to be a voice to the public and the face of who Christ is. To remain silent isn't an answer. . .nor a strategy. Freedom is never free, but for some the price is higher and the stakes could take their lives.

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