The Fight to Preserve Freedom: Understanding Sin

With the Lending a Hand campaign underway and gears in motion, it's important to discuss the lifelong companion: sin. It is the infallible misery in every day lives and the one thing that keeps the focus off of the self and onto God. There is an option that is faced daily: be a slave to righteousness or sin.

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Knowing Freedom

The Price of Freedom mini series links well with the campaign to combat human trafficking as it is a blend of understanding what freedom is, the cost of freedom, and portraying freedom. Part of portraying freedom is by lending a helping hand and serving others.

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Delivered: Speaking Truth to the Clutches of Sin

Imagine a house. It's blinds are drawn, the lights are out. The doors are locked, no sound escapes it. Inside that house, there's a war. On one side, there is pure intent. On the other, there is deceptive intent.

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