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The Good Samaritan

The tale of the Good Samaritan has been a Bible story many can quote or point out specific details. It is a parable Jesus used in response to a lawyer that had questioned Him about salvation and the law in Luke 10:25-37. What is the moral of this story and how does it apply to today, especially in the wake of the coronavirus? Both of these questions will be answered in this article.

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Tested by Fire

God allows several trials to come upon His people and the earth and has been since the beginning of time. He allows trials to be discipline or to develop perseverance in His people. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus (or COVID-19), there are no new perils for the eternal God. All suffering He endured on earth and is familiar with every heartache. Some trials will be judgment while others are meant for testing. This post will cover Isaiah 43:2-3 with an introduction of the Gospel at the end.

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Jars of Clay

The first part of verse 8 declares that God is the father and giver of life. This particular book's audience is the Jewish people. Isaiah is mentioning that God is alpha and omega and has adopted His people. The second half of verse 8 underscores the originality of man, out of the foundations of the earth from clay,

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