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The Attributes of God: Inheritor of All Nations

God's right to rule is actually seen by His creation of the earth and other planets, space, animals, and humans in Genesis 1-2. This shows his eternal right to rule. Christ's genealogy through the Tribe of Judah shows His right as an heir due to familial ties. Jesus is a formal name, whereas Christ is a title bestowed upon Him, meaning "appointed one."

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The Attributes of God: Letter D, Deliverer

There are two meanings on which the word "deliver" hinges in the Old Testament. The first is used in a nontheological sense meaning to "deliver over" and then the second usage describes the nature of people delivered.

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Attributes of God: Letter C, Comforter

The name "comforter" comes from the Greek word "paracletos," meaning "advocate." In full, it is translated to mean "one who is summoned to the side of another." When Jesus was about to depart into Heaven to be at the right hand of the Father, He told the disciples that He must leave for the Holy Spirit, the helper, to come.

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