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Stripping Freedom

What does it mean to strip freedom? In America, freedom is taken for granted. Routine is worshiped. In Washington State, the Liberal agenda has taken precedence. People can't even dine out without giving the govenor and his posse their names and addresses. Los Angeles is also getting on board with this agenda. Not only has the COVID-19 lethal mindset leaked into government and politics, but (that's right) into hospitals as well.

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Fleshly Indebtedness and Spiritual Freedom

Everyone wants freedom, yet they are enslaved by fleshly passions. The groaning of the soul goes unheard as people chase the latest technology, celebrities, the best car, trends in fashion, and the next up and rising porn star (don't believe me? Well, politicians seem to be leading the country this way as with false teachers). Passions replace wisdom and the feet are quick to run to death as they pursue the age-old saying of "follow the heart."

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The Value of Fear

In the wake of the coronavirus, fear has become widespread. With media updating headlines at a rapid rate and the matter still waiting to be understood fully, it's understandable that fear has grown almost as rapidly as the virus. God gives us hope through His word that even through life's most difficult challenges, He is still there

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