Enduring Faith

Have you ever prayed for deliverance than didn’t trust the outcome? This is how I feel now. With a move on the horizon and a complete change in lifestyle, it’s almost as if there’s a silent “let the testing of faith begin.” Phone bills, planning, and a baby on the way before the move. If we were in this life on our own with God, there would be no reason to have hope, nothing to put our faith in. In this post, I want to open up about some recent struggles and how God is further developing my husband’s and my own faith when everything else seems to be changing beneath our feet.

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Radical Conversion: The Abundant Life

If you look at the news, you might be overwhelmed with the headlines about radical conversions. People never to have been thought of to convert to Christianity, are all of a sudden being converted. But the question lingering is can what is being played out be trusted?

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Knowing Freedom

The Price of Freedom mini series links well with the campaign to combat human trafficking as it is a blend of understanding what freedom is, the cost of freedom, and portraying freedom. Part of portraying freedom is by lending a helping hand and serving others.

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