The Value of Fear

In the wake of the coronavirus, fear has become widespread. With media updating headlines at a rapid rate and the matter still waiting to be understood fully, it's understandable that fear has grown almost as rapidly as the virus. God gives us hope through His word that even through life's most difficult challenges, He is still there

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The Attributes of God: Letter D, Deliverer

There are two meanings on which the word "deliver" hinges in the Old Testament. The first is used in a nontheological sense meaning to "deliver over" and then the second usage describes the nature of people delivered.

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Jesus The Daily Portion

ust a constant feeling of exhaustion. It's easy to allow frustrations fueled by the enemy to creep in and start producing doubt, conflicts in marriage, distractions to prevent me from fulfilling God's desires, and seeds of temptation to be planted. All of this can bring spiritual exhaustion in the absence of God as the spiritual portion.

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