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A Time for Everything, A Season for Change

Everything in life has its season. There is peace before war and there is peace after war. Sometimes, in order to have or truly appreciate peace, there is war. Going forward today, live life as if you weren't going to be given a second chance. Ask yourself: who am I to God? Am I a friend, or an enemy?  If you are a friend, examine your faith. Where does it stand? And if you are an enemy of God, know that only through Christ can there be given life. There is only one life to live. Tomorrow is never promised.

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The Fight to Preserve Freedom: Understanding Sin

With the Lending a Hand campaign underway and gears in motion, it's important to discuss the lifelong companion: sin. It is the infallible misery in every day lives and the one thing that keeps the focus off of the self and onto God. There is an option that is faced daily: be a slave to righteousness or sin.

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Attributes of God: Elohim

"Elohim" is the plural name for God in the Hebrew language meaning "mighty one." The name references the trinity even though the word "trinity" does not appear in the Bible. However the trinity is doctrinally present throughout the Bible, with visuals made in creation, salvation, baptism, and judgement.  The name "Elohim" is used more than 2,750 times in the Old Testament alone. 

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