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A Fiery Slippery Slope

Some would define anger as a God-given emotion. Others would describe it as terrifying, fiery, a double-edged sword, or a bottomless abyss. The definition this emotion has tied to its name seems to morph itself, changing its shape depending on the person defining it. What does the Bible say regarding this fiery slippery emotion and what does God direct in its wake? This article will focus on God’s precepts for anger and how mankind’s definition has severely damaged the view on righteous anger.

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Behind Blissful Faith

Without a story, this blog is just a tool. And if any have felt the prodding of the Spirit, that familiar feeling something should be done is known. It can't be shaken. It keeps you up at night when you would rather hide from the thoughts, to turn over and go back to sleep. This blog is the response to that prodding for me. This is how Blissful Faith was made.

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